The Book of Bock

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 30 July 2012

The illustrator Frank Höhne explains how to find joy in working as an illustrator.

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 The delight with which Frank Höhne draws radiates from each of his illustrations and his strange humor is contagious. His style is idiosyncratic and sometimes childishly naïve. Höhne admits that “I simply do what I want to do,” but he does this so well that he has established himself as one of Germany’s leading illustrators in only a short period of time. His clients include international brands such as BMW Mini, Nike, and Aveda, as well as a broad range of German newspapers and magazines.

In The Book of Bock Frank Höhne offers his own unique perspective on how to become an illustrator and, once one does, how to keep the joy in one’s work alive over time. The hilarious visual journey is great fun for all readers—whether they work creatively or not.

Frank Höhne is inspired by the things that make him human. As he puts it, “a colonoscopy gives me eight times more input than a visit to a museum for applied something or other.”

Frank Höhne
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Release Date: 
August 2012
21 x 26 cm
160 pages, full color, hardcover


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