Erik Natzke Makes Me Sick

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Erik Natzke makes me sick in the stomach, not because I dislike him, I've never met the fella and I'm sure he's very nice. But because when I came across his work I felt like, well, Christian Bale in American Psycho, you know what I'm talking about, the Business card scene. Here's a reminder...

The famous business card scene from the film "American Psycho" (2000), based on the novel of Bret Easton Ellis, directed by Mary Harron and with Christian Bale (Patrick Bateman) in the lead role.

I was simply envious and annoyed that I was not pushing myself enough especially when you see what can be achieved with drive, knowledge and a little imagination. Inspiring, very inspiring...

Erik Natzke is an interactive designer who is constantly trying to blur the lines between design and technology. With a keen awareness for how and where to push the limits of the medium without isolating the audience, Erik is a consistent risk-taker. Crediting his success with having the willingness to fail and the stubbornness not to give up, Natzke’s work ethic has pushed the boundaries of what previously had been considered possible. Imagination, adventure, and a desire to amaze as much as entertain are all part of the driving forces behind his work. Read more on his website, see the links at end of article.

Self Portrait, Fall 2008
Erik Natzke’s paintings are made using Flash using old resource material, photos and video and on other occasions from scratch. He initially controls the environment to every minor detail in which his creations will be born and then he leaves the artwork to grow in the hands of the code.

Ignite by Erik Natzke
Tearing Away by Erik Natzke
Maple Sunrise

FOTB 2008 - Brighton - Erik Natzke - 01 from Jon MacDonald on Vimeo.
A clip from Erik Natzke's presentation where he talks about process and shows some examples of his work.

Wired NextFest ... (Process) 1 from Erik Natzke on Vimeo.

Game Is Over from Erik Natzke on Vimeo.

Erik Natzke - Main Site
Online Journal of Erik Natzke - Click Here

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