Metallica uses Coca-Cola's design agency

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Friday, 19 September 2008

LONDON - In an unusual move for the rock music industry, Metallica engaged consumer design agency Turner Duckworth to create the artwork for new album, 'Death Magnetic'

Turner Duckworth, better known for designing logos for brands like Coca-Cola than for working with rock groups, was engaged to create a package that would rekindle interest in CDs. The agency's answer was to create an iconic, three dimensional package using a powerful image and an innovative layered die cut.

The new album cover features a remarkable white coffin image, resting in a grave and surrounded by a magnetic field. The image was created to be recognizable, even on a cell phone screen.

David Turner, a partner at Turner Duckworth, said: "It's not just about sleeve art anymore, it's about creating icons that work across media." Turner Duckworth re-worked the classic Metallica logo, created a signature typographic style and designed key promotional materials including a flag, a coffin shaped special edition and a vinyl box set. A design kit including logos, imagery and graphics was distributed to the band's record companies to produce a vast array of promotional materials around the world.

Designers in both London and San Francisco collaborated on the designs. Bruce Duckworth, a partner at Turner Duckworth, said "Everyone got fired up working on this project. "Metallica instinctively understand branding and really appreciate the value we created for them. There was no rock star attitude, just enthusiasm and creativity."

'Death Magnetic', the band's ninth studio album, was released on September 10 to rave reviews.

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