Purell: Collage Hand

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Friday, 26 September 2008

Watch out for the pictographic germs.

Purell are running a campaign called "You are what you touch". It's an idea that has been done many times over the years but these versions have been executed well. Great art direction with a Dali-esque feel to the third version, illustration has come back over the past years in a big way.

Purell: You are what you touch, 1

Purell: You are what you touch, 2

Purell: You are what you touch, 3

Advertising Agency: JWT, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Directors: Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo
Art Director: Michaela Brown

Copywriter: Allie Buckle

Designer: Jeffrey Oley

Account Director: Peter Bosilkovski

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