One Day for Human Rights

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Thursday, 18 December 2008

One Day isn’t the Only Day - by Andrew @

“Haha! Surprise! Just because it’s not December 10th doesn’t mean it’s time to stop thinking, and fighting, for Human Rights.
Big thanks to Razvan and Rajesh for pointing out something I should have done in the first place: auction off my poster and give the proceeds to charity.

Specifically the Human Rights Action Center.

So! Here’s the deal: The poster is now up on eBay and will be for 10 days. Whether or not you actually bid on it doesn’t matter, just help spread the word so that we can find a nice philanthropist. Or, just bid a couple bucks.

I have no monatary goals for this poster and what I can donate to HRAC; if we even got this up to $20 I’d be overjoyed. Anything helps.”

Go to ebay now and donate for a good cause!!!!

Thanks for you time


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