Personalised Wedding Motif

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Friday, 6 February 2009

I've just completed the creation of a personalised wedding motif consisting of the bride and grooms initials "S & D". This will now be used across their wedding stationary including, invite cover, inserts, placecards and thank you cards. Best wishes to Sandhya and Darren.


Not so easy to read the "S"

by Anonymous on 06/02/2009, 18:25. #

well done , love it all specially red one

by amous on 06/02/2009, 18:33. #

Wonderful feeling, I know your wedding couple will love using your artwork.



by Elli Fordyce on 06/02/2009, 20:17. #

I really like it. It is very striking and unforgettable-- very elegant and bohemian... chic. Like the color choices and the clever blend of the letters. Really nice.

by The Betsy on 06/02/2009, 21:45. #

I hope Sandhya and Darren have very happy memories of their wedding - this design is stylish and charming and I'm sure they're thrilled. Wedding designs are potentially a very lucrative market, Raj, if you're interested in taking on more of that type of work!

by Tracey Grady on 10/02/2009, 12:01. #

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