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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Thursday, 16 April 2009

Eli Shillock - Senior Interactive Producer Venables Bell & Partners gave me the heads up on their latest campaign.

Now you know me and I like my tea but can Nestea's range make you that awesome, well here goes, wake up Steve (the lazy no good... dont get me started) and challenge him. It worked for him, allegedly, so whats the "worst that could happen", whoops thats a different brand all together, "somebody call the Doctor.

I digress so back to the matter at hand.

I tried the snake charming and got well and truly bitten. I'm still trying to decide whether feeding the Gerbil some of that red tea awesomeness will help it play the electric guitar (Don't try that at home kids, you here me!!)

Marketing has come along way from the 60s black and white mother son relationship of selling thank god and I'm sure the playground will be full of awesomeness never seen since the days of Bill and Ted once the campaign catches on... Find out how Steve became awesome and I would advise for road safety measures you buys yours from the corner store or wherever else it may be located.

Have a look and decide for yourself - click here for Awesomeness

Click here for Awesomeness

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