F5 Opening Titles by Dvein

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dvein have come up with another piece of work that keeps making me press the play button time and time again. It encompasses an eeriness that took me back to the title sequence from SE7EN and our friendly Dexter. They have a great body of work which I recommend you to browse through on their website.

Dvein were invited to make the F5 titles. The guys at Dvein wanted it to represent the eclectic spirit of the conference.

The idea was to get the soul of the speakers into the title sequence in some way. What they did was to approach the speakers and asked them for the names of five objects that inspired them or had anything to do with their own work. After receiving, as you can imagine a varied range of answers, these object names were used to get to a starting point and begin to translate into our images: Wind Turbines, Microscopes, Lights, Smoke, Lamb Rib Cage, French Bulldog... The speakers didn’t know what their answers would be used for, but these responses were the seeds from which the sequence grew. This approach led to all the speakers being directly involved through collaboration rather than one unique authorship.

Click on the images to take a closer look and check out the sequence at the end of the article and linked posts...

I recommend going full screen for the optimal experience. QuickTime version here.

The title sequence was created by Barcelona-based Dvein for the F5 festival in NYC on April 16th and 17th, 2009.

Date: March/April 2009
Concept IdeaTiming / 2 weeks
Production Timing / 10 Days (Double Full-Time)
Direction & Animation / Dvein
Music / Antfood
Production Assistant / Marco Antonio Ballesteros
Actors / Rita (No-Domain Dogs), Antenas (As the ant), Zombee (As the bee), Maki (As the fish), Fernando’s hand (As the hand)

Thanks to:
Justin Cone and Carlos El Asmar for inviting us to do this for the festival and our girlfriends for supporting us.
Contact: web@dvein.com

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