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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Friday, 29 May 2009

CaT is a gathering of brand creativity professionals and tech-side development companies for a discussion of furthering creativity through technology. Both conference and trade show, CaT gives creatives, producers and marketers the chance to see what's coming next, to get the big picture from thought leaders across a range of creative and technology areas — and learn, hands-on, about the latest technologies driving the best work.

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Mekanism are the studio behind the stop motion animation.
In approaching a conference that combines big ideas with cutting edge technology, Mekanism’s lead motion graphics artist, Emmett Feldman, worked alongside web developer Gabriel Dunn on the project. The stop-motion animation shot by Feldman features the use of a unique real-time visual application developed and coded specifically for the CaT project which gave Feldman the ability to play with perspective and generate simple 3D geometry. The final work combined the 3D work with 2D animations in After Effects. (Source)

A high res version of the animation can be found here

Production/VFX Company: Mekanism
Creative Director/Motion Graphics Artist: Emmett Feldman
Graphics/Animation Programmer: Gabriel Dunne
Sound Design: Jeremiah Moore
Graphic Assistant: Matt Carvalho
EP: Jason Harris
Producer: Elizabeth Morse

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