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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Tuesday, 26 May 2009

We concept, so you don't have to... Art director Jon Kubik and copywriter Adam Noel recently left the agency world and started this blog, which launched less than two weeks ago.
Copywriter: Adam Noel | Art Director: Jon Kubik

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Hey Rajesh,

We did an interview with the guys from Steal our Ideas a few weeks ago. Chack it out on;jsessionid=FE23DEC26A908D5E00B5F37D5B007CA1

It's really cool to see who is behind that awesome work!

Keep up the awesome work on your blog!

Kath G

by Kath Gilson on 19/06/2009, 11:59. #


The link to the interview is actually:


by Kath Gilson on 19/06/2009, 12:56. #

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