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We all get to a crossroads at some point in our lives whether as a result of something dramatic or a much quieter subtle occurrence that we have to deal with. We may not have even realised it was of any significance until a lot later in life. Hopefully when we do, we take note and give that moment its true value....

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You're interested in self-enlightenment methods and it's teachings. How does this help you personally?
In the big-picture, I barely recognize who I was before beginning to discover such methods and teachings in 1966, compared to who I am becoming (and we never get it "done"). The essence of that person is still here, but I've gradually eliminated a lot of typical issues which haunted me and those that remain have deeper roots, taking more work to overcome them. Now, when I get upset, I recover faster, function effectively and usually learn quickly from the experience. Also I'm told I look, seem and I feel much younger than my chronological age, which is due to dealing better and better with the things which stress out most of us. When I'm stressed, I use many methods and tricks which get to the root of it, prevent it from returning or eliminate it altogether. In my bag-of-tricks is whatever works well, including holistic methods of dealing with health. I'm seeing a new holistic doctor recommended by someone I met on Twitter (where Rajesh and I also "met"), we're addressing a list of physical issues that I'm unwilling at 72 to give in to, just aging "gracefully," and we have a very good fit.

Can you talk about a particular event where this has been paramount to change?
There are so many I don't know where to stop but here are a few highlights. In 1966, new to any sort of metaphysical work, Howi, a new musician friend who played with my then-husband Randy, in a jazz trio in Miami, gave him a session of healing work on which Howi was certifying. Randy came home after one session obviously changed and Howi offered me a trial. I was very depressed and frustrated at the time -- not unusual for me then, but things felt like they had come to a head. We recently had started experimenting with drugs and everyone we knew (except Howi, who had long-since quit) was also experimenting or worse. I didn't have a clue as to how to start singing professionally and waitressing in an after-hours jazz club only poured salt in my wounds, so I escaped more and more when not at work. I truly felt that the session wouldn't work because I believed myself to be "hopeless," but at the same time there was a tiny flicker of light and Howi seemed so cool and centered, which I desperately wanted to be. After 3/4 of an hour, I was thrilled with how I felt and went home to greet Randy and a friend who was also considering trying this work, each watching me for signals. I cracked up as soon as I started telling them about my experience, which was such a high. I've been hooked ever since. Once you touch on "who you really are," however that may happen, you know no matter what trouble you create for yourself or life brings you, there's always a way out, even though there's only that pinhole of light at the end the tunnel. That light hasn't ever gone out and now I see things from a very different perspective, but within that week, I found and landed my first singing gig at 30 (something I'd wanted since first singing jazz in public at 18). Since then, many of my creative breakthroughs have come on-the-heels of "metaphysical" work..

A more easily-describable experience happened 9 years ago. I'd taken an on-camera-commercials course a few years before, and the instructor urged me to start auditioning but I was too terrified; I took a short acting workshop and wound up in a weekly performance w/s for 2 years, but used my stage time mainly to sing and occasionally for improvizing or story-telling, still being so intimidated to act in front of the well-trained actors there. Then I heard of Law of Attraction. The first idea that sank in was "Reach for a thought that feels better" to change how I felt about something. This had never come up in my metaphysical understanding. I realized with that idea, I no longer had any excuses to be afraid to audition; there was always some thought that felt at least a tiny bit better! I only needed to think of it. I immediately got the trade paper, found some audition notices and off I went. I was soon cast in a student short as a crazy grandmother. No one realized I'd never been in a film before and the experience was as easy as water rolling off a duck's back. On-set I found myself not at all camera-shy and able to easily get in character. The director had a lot of fun with us and the short came out well and gave me the confidence to go on many other auditions from which I've been cast in my share of roles. Auditioning is usually very comfortable, as is acting, particularly when there's some leeway, my favorite roles being improvisational. That hooked me on the Teachings of Abraham of which I'm still a big fan, collecting quotes and spreading the word about Law of Attraction which years later was featured in "The Secret" and many subsequent films, books and courses.

Another example was a month ago. I was on the phone when the cell rang and, not getting who it was who was calling, I told him I'd get back to him. I then said to my friend that since I hadn't had any bookings in months, I was fed up and was going to find something! When I called the other caller back, it turned out we'd known each other in my old neighborhood before he moved away a few years earlier and had not been in touch since and was calling to ask me to do a series of jazz gigs he was producing, for which he thought I'd be the perfect fit. We worked things out and everything was on according to his plan for 4 Sunday jazz evenings, but he extended it that night to 2 months, and, so far, 3 additional gigs have also fallen into place elsewhere! From 0 to 13 bookings in a very short time! They say, "good things happen in groups," a perfect example of Law of Attraction; work begets work; birds of a feather flock together, like attracts like; all ways of describing that phenomenon. The opposite is also true: if you stub your toe in the morning it often becomes a day on which you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed. The trick with using Law of Attraction is learning to do so intentionally, especially when good things are not falling into your lap. A course I recently spent time on and recommend for expanding those skills is Mark Joyner's Great Teachers Series, Law of Attraction Course. It combines LOA with the learning skills created for Mark's very effective Simpleology training. It's the best recombination of methods and understandings I've seen and raised my skills quickly.

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Thanks Elli, always a pleasure working with you.

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