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Grzegorz has a variety of techniques and styles: Everything from traditional pencil drawing or pen to vector, watercolor, pastel and oil, combined and/or mixed with digital media like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. His illustrations have a dark edgy feel to them, as if looking into the inner soul of the characters portrayed. My warped darker side loves it! His website is definitely worth browsing through. Following the images below you can read more about the man himself...

OMEGA GABZ / My winning piece for Omega Code Fan Art / pencil and PS / 2009 / More info here

CREATE WHAT YOU ARE / Illustration for Digital Temple Magazine / pencil and PS / 2009

YAKUZA / Personal project inspired by Miami Ink episode / pencil and PS / 2009

AMERICAN BEAUTY / vector movie poster V / AI and PS / 2008

AS GOOD AS IT GETS / vector movie poster IV / AI and PS / 2008

THE DEER HUNTER / vector movie poster III / AI and PS / 2008

BUFFALO 66 / vector movie poster I / AI and PS / 2008

TEASER p.1 / Christian G. Marra asked me to draw a comics for his upcoming issue of Passenger / pencil, pen and PS / 2009

AMY / work for CLONE Graphix Magazine / pencil and PS / 2009

TNHB Magazine I / Brand design and layout by Kxx, illustration and colors by Gabz / pencil and PS / 2009

How long have been doing this?
I guess I can honestly say: right from the very beginning. I have always loved drawing, ever since I was a small child. I could always be spotted with a crayon, pencil or a pen in my hand... Thus, it was pretty obvious what I would major in and what I would devote myself to after the graduation. And, yes, I enjoy it greatly.

What got you involved?
I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in my hometown Poznań (Poland), where I received my diploma (the so called Master's Degree) in Graphic Arts (Metal Techniques ) and Drawing. The year was 2003. Having graduated from the Academy, I felt like trying something new, so I turned myself towards design... I began as a simple illustrator and continued my first steps in the field of graphic design! Now, I focus on illustrations with design elements, graphic design (CD packaging etc.) and storyboards. I also return to my art whenever I have spare time.

Funny Stories?
We all detest clients with their "I-want-my-logo-bigger" approach, but it can always get worse: a few years back, a friend of mine had a major client who sent him a large size photography of a car... It was a side view and the client requested him to quickly "turn the car to the front in Photoshop"... It surely made me laugh.

I find inspiration in almost everything that surrounds me. Whether it is television, cinema, literature, music or the web, I always seek to find something fresh, inspiring and creative! But I should also mention some people who really mean a lot to me and who inspire me greatly: Non-Format, Hort for the design, Mario Hugo, Mostly Wanted, Von from illustrators and Albrecht Durer, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Anselm Kiefer and Stephan Balleux from the art field! These are just the few...

Creative process?
It all starts with a concept and a quick sketch... Then, I make a precise drawing, where I use either a pencil or a pen (sometimes both). Subsequently, it is all about the digital magic - usually the Photoshop combined with Illustrator. Then, the time comes for a great deal of effects, textures, filters etc. Recently, I have also started to add some self-made type elements, but I am still a rookie, when it comes to typography.

I hope I will never burn out and that my works will inspire people.

Future works?
There has been going on quite a lot recently. For example, I have been working on a t-shirt for Ardentees and I have been creating an interactive comic book for a major client. Furthermore, I have not discarded my personal projects to which I always turn in my leisure time. I have plenty of ideas all the time and I most definitely intend to continue with all the illustration and design stuff.

Do you have any exhibitions planned ?
At present I have only the "CLONE Special Graphic" exhibition which takes place in Spain (it features two of my digital works).

Grzegorz Domaradzki | Email | Website

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