Schematic unveils multi-touch wall at Cannes Lions

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Friday, 26 June 2009

At the Cannes 2009 advertising festival, Schematic (interactive agency) showcased its 12 foot by 5 foot multi-touch wall. Schematic is the same company who helped come up with the futuristic advertising on Minority Report. The team have been working endlessly to turn concepts into reality. They latest project was featured at 2009 Cannes Advertising Festival the interface is packed with maps, schedules and social networking software; the wall is multi-touch, so that many people could interact with the wall at once.

It also includes a built-in RFID, which allowed convention-goers to simply flash a badge, and have the touchwall recognize exactly who they were and where they've been. It's being rolled out in France next month....

Touchwall Demo from Joel on Vimeo.

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