SyFy Idents - Imagine Greater

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 27 July 2009

With so many channels available to view these days on freeview and satelite most of the shows utter tripe, in my opinion. Thank good there are a few channels still investing in their identities. Those short bursts of personality between the shows giving us a small indication of what each channel is trying to offer. These caught my eye a week ago and while I highlighted on my r27 posterous site, I think they deserve another shout.

If there any other idents out there new or old that you think need to be recognized, leave a comment of why you like them so much and a link. I'll create another identity highlight section after we have a few worth showing.

“Imagine Greater” is new message:
For now here we go with the SyFy Channel.

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