Pink Ribbon: Lizzie and Marlies | Breast Cancer

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Thursday, 24 September 2009

Agency Grey Amsterdam launches its campaign for breast cancer awareness in Pink Ribbon magazine with a set of print ads. Images shot by photographer Rankin. The ads portray each of a woman's "girls" as friends that should never be parted. Each image features a shot of a woman's bare breasts, upon which a celebratory poem is written in a hand written type.


Agency: Grey, Amsterdam
Client: Pink Ribbon 
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuval 
Art Director: Pieter van den Heuval, Ecco Vos 
Designer: Phoebe Dawson 
Strategy Director: Martijn Benschop 
Account Team: Silvia Lenberger, Eva Cortenbach 
Art Buyer: Anita Hammer 
Photographer: Rankin

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