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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Julien Lescure is the co-founder and CEO of So touch, the new born creative multi-touch company.

Tired of seeing the great level of digital creativity and digital marketing opportunities trapped into the frame of the personal computer, me and my partner in business decided to surf the multi-touch wave 6 months ago creating So touch and unleash the digital world into the real one! Three weeks ago we've done a great multi-touch installation for the onedotzero festival in London, which is a performance from all point of views (technical, creative and human) and we really want the world to know it!

So touch, the newborn creative multi-touch company, has this summer collaborated with onedotzero, the famous London based contemporary, digital arts organization, to design and develop the most creative and fully featured multi-touch application ever created as of today.

So touch installation at the onedotzero VIP launch party in Shoreditch, London.

The application, hosted at the BFI Southbank in London for 7 days, ran at 40fps on a Mindstorm Aurora table and offered a new, interactive way to explore the onedotzero2009 festival programme. The whole application has been designed, developed and tested in only 3 weeks by the So touch team, leveraging the unique So touch Flash AS3 multi-touch framework.

This multi-touch multi-user search engine, allows an unlimited number of users to filterthe festival programme at the same time, aggregating keywords from 3 different categories: time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening), days of the festival (Wednesday to Sunday), type of performance (Screenings, Feature films, Talks, etc.).

Detail of the So touch multi-touch multi-user search engine.

A typical search is performed by dragging and dropping keywords to create a personal search disc where keywords-associated results are displayed. For example, aggregating keywords as Screening + Monday + Afternoon, display the list of screenings on Monday afternoon.

Thanks to the physics rules integrated into the So touch Flash AS3 framework, the personal search discs, could shock and bumped into each other favouring social interactions between users.

The description panel for each event includes: timing, description, pictures and videos that can all be manipulated with multi touch gestures, as well as, the ability to invite a friend or remind themselves about an event, sending event-related emails. Also, the application featured the ability to consult information about onedotzero and So touch, and to register to their respective newsletters, using a scalable keyboard.

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