Tate Online: How It Is

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Thursday, 15 October 2009

A dark and mysterious journey with Polish artist Miroslaw Balka and Champagne Valentine.

Champagne Valentine worked closely with Miroslaw Balka to create a mysterious experience for his current exhibition at the Tate Modern, How It Is, the tenth commission in The Unilever Series for the Turbine Hall. The theme comes from the artwork itself. It feels like a 3D shoot 'em up game as you venture round dark corners for Miroslaw to reveal his inspirations and his own background.

Champagne Valentine combined Flash and Papervision technologies to create the experience. Tate will also soon be releasing a partner iPhone app, which mimics the How It Is website but will also offer location-based gameplay. Using the iPhone's GPS system, the app will add a whole new level to the digital experience when users are in the vicinity of the Tate Modern.

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Creative: Champagne Valentine
Artist: Miroslaw Balka

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