Offf Year Zero - Design Book

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Tuesday, 29 November 2011

'It’s time to set up new rules, to invent new games. It’s time to be revolutionary.' Year Zero. Year Alpha. Time to turn our back to the past. To look just forward. Upwards. 2011 is Offf’s Year Zero. The year the festival will voluntarily forget its past and once again reinvent itself. In a new place. With new areas. With fresh ideas and the spirit of those who start something. Something big. Different. Better. Year zero is the theme for the 11th OFFF Festival edition. This book features original works from all the artists invited to this edition inspired by this theme. The list of renown artists that showcases their work in the 20111 festival edition are Marian Bantjes, Vincent Morisset, Rick Poynor from Eye Magazine, Eboy, Why not Associates, Erik Spiekermann, Han Hoogerbrugge, Blake Whitman (founder of Vimeo), Andy Cruz from House Industries, Sagmeister, Alex Trochut, among others.

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