Bill Clinton: Ali was "a ballerina in a boxing ring"

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We were told we had 15 minutes. Not roughly, or approximately. Exactly 15 minutes. And sure enough, almost to the second, one of his aides hollered, “That’s it.”

The allotted quarter of an hour included the time for handshakes, small talk and sound checks. Ex-Presidents are busy boys. And impressively adept at switching subjects.

The interview took place on the 18th floor of a glass-fronted edifice in the financial district of Manhattan. The offices form the New York headquarters of the Bill Clinton Foundation, and we were shown to a waiting room alongside two American TV crews.

In orderly (almost military-style) succession, Clinton gave his (15-minute) take on an Arkansas basketball coach, a female governor of Texas... and the greatest sportsman who ever drew breath.

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