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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 6 February 2012

EG at Monterey Conference Center: 12-14 April 2012

What will you see in Monterey? An antarctic diver and a dinosaur expert. A story designer and a renowned architect. An AI pioneer and a master impersonator. A science fiction writer and a techno-magician. The man who cracked the genetics of Alzheimer's. Queen Elizabeth's royal calligrapher. Several MacArthur laureates and an Oscar winner or two. Musicians whose poetics lifts our spirits — and brilliant musical instrument makers who enable them to do so. Technology renegades. Unsung heroes. People who see beyond what's possible, and take us there.

EG is widely lauded as the most unusual, inspired, intimate and genuine gathering of creative talents anywhere — it's been called "show and tell for geniuses." This year's conference is, as always, richly woven from many themes, but one of the strongest threads is in the hands of innovators: people who are reinventing tomorrow. This is not just a conference of ideas, or shakers and movers — it's a gathering of makers. And doers.

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