The living structure

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What is our relationship to objects (as furniture) in space?
Thoughts on “the living structure”

The organisation and positioning of self, which our social environment demands from us every day as active human beings is expressed in “the living structure” in a model-like as well as concretely spatial way: Shifting between a sculptural object and a piece of furniture, this design of a table shows and reifies how social interaction in space can develop, and how it depends on a conscious decision for or against it.

The geometrical shaping of the design sketches the schematic structure of a table in such a high degree of abstraction that it is almost reduced to an idea; this is presented by the designer to the viewer as a possibility. Shown object can either be placed on the floor or mounted to a wall, can exist visually as a sculpture or be utilised physically as furniture: By adding a sheet of metal the rectangular wooden structure becomes a functional table.

Presented furniture concept inscribes space and describes space in a model-like way as a place defined by reciprocal interaction between object and subject, between a decision for pure aesthetics or functional use. The object requires that their viewer, who may become a user, positions him or herself regarding the structure within, and extending from a given space. It gives the viewer the option of disregarding function, or defining a product that does not force its own use, but enables utilisation.

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