Shape of Design by Frank Chimero

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 23 April 2012

The long awaited book from Frank Chimero is now available.

The Shape of Design is a treatise on design that frames the practice as a way we engage with one another and the world. It is the book I wish I had when I was a student to teach me about objectives and to ask Why. It's the one I wish I had yesterday to remind me of my responsibility to my craft. Most importantly, it's the book I'll want tomorrow to remind me of the potential of every little bit. 

What is the primary quality of great design? It moves. It moves us emotionally, travels from person to person, and takes us toward something better. Designers connect and build bridges that lead us to new places and expand what is possible. We tell productive untruths, then toil to make them reality. The practice shifts like a shadow and moves the target. When it does so, the products of design achieve a resonance. They get passed on like a story and turn into a gift.

I was lucky enough along with the Kickstarter backers to get the ebook version to read ahead of time and it's worth getting your hands on it while you can. The launch of the book also brings with it a few little extras which are available via the shop here -

Five letterpress prints from the shape of design. Limited edition of 50.

Shape of Design T-Shirt and Tote

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