Animography Opening

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 16 July 2012

This video celebrates the opening of It showcases the current and upcoming animated typeface collection.


We’ve talked a lot about logos in the past, highlighting the fact that a logo can’t just be designed for print anymore, that it needs to work as well for an email footer as a TV commercial as an animated banner ad. So if we all expect logos to be multimedia savants, why aren’t we asking the same flexibility from our typefaces? Because when is the last time you printed something on paper?

Animography is a collection of animated typefaces curated by Jeroen Krielaars that can be licensed as you would any other. And while we all have our stereotypes of what animated text can be--local commercials of monster truck rallies come to mind--they’re a far cry from the hokey flaming letters of LiveType. Instead, Krielaars has constructed what might be called “classic” animated glyphs for words that could look as professional in print as they do in video.

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