Victoria: She’s changing everything… Identity

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Saturday, 4 August 2012

Consider some of London’s famous districts and immediate associations spring to mind. The City stands for finance. Soho is the media village. The South Bank is the artistic hub. But what about Victoria?

It’s one of London’s most visited areas, yet no single association readily comes to mind. SW1 spans the political village of Westminster and Downing Street, the elegant squares of Belgravia, the Georgian terraces of Pimlico, the riverbank and Tate Britain, Buckingham Palace and three Royal Parks.

The modular BrandWorld is highly flexible and enables the organisation to be speedily adaptive in the way it communicates with audiences.’ Says David Law, co-founder of SomeOne. ‘We have set up two sides of the visual brand identity, one fixed set (wordmark / typefaces / colour systems) to be used in a broadcast manner where badging is required, and another — employing the ‘v-grid’ for more conversational applications’

Idenity created by SomeOne.

Source: someoneinlondon



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