The Story of the New ITV logo

by R27 CREATIVELAB on Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Matt Rudd talks about the development of the ITV logo.

First sketches

I wanted the ITV logo to get off the fence and stand for something. Alongside the informative BBC and the provocative Channel 4, ITV is friendly and warm. It brings about shared emotional experiences. I felt that the logo should be based on handwriting, and also I thought that the letters might be lower case and joined up.....

Considering the logo’s potential

We played with logo treatments to see how it might work across the different sub-brands...

A multicoloured logo

From the beginning of the project, Rufus Radcliffe (Group Director of Marketing and Research at ITV) and I talked about the idea that the main channel would have many colours whilst the other, more specialist channels would have a single colours. Multiple colours would speak of the varied content on the main channel. In the first place, we looked at using the silhouette of the new logo as a window on an animating world of swirling colour....

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