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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Whether we realise it or not we all have a few rules that we follow, consciously or subconsciously. The trick is to realise what works for you early on in the game and move forward...

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With so many artists in the music arena falling wayward and going off the edge, what keeps you grounded?
I'm not THAT grounded, but what keeps me more grounded than I would be if not proactive about it, is: (1) deliberately choosing to and as much as possible working only with very effective people, (2) focusing in as much as possible on taking one step at-a-time, and (3) working as needed on my own issues, either alone or by getting help (coaching, training and exchanging with people with whom I can learn or who help people expand in personal growth). The internet is an enormous resource for tools, contacts and recommendations, and I take advantage of the embarrassment of riches which appears on my radar everyday.

More specifically, while now launching my second jazz-vocal CD, I work with a proven team of promo people and completed production with the same wonderful engineer with whom I co-produced the first CD. Working with people you trust is very important, then following up personally as best you can. Twitter is a site on which I particularly enjoy connecting, getting the word out about my CD and performances and sharing other information. To get and keep my perspective, I speak with my new manager who has many years of experience and a very proactive approach. With her help, I regain a degree of patience when things aren't zooming forward the way we'd prefer due to the economic state. As far as the big-picture view goes, I'm sure that the music "world" will, as always, evolve new ways for professionals to move forward. I hope to be one of those who capitalizes on these and am taking my baby steps in the mean while.

What are your creative Rules for Life: Something that you have set in stone and will not stray from?
I strive to become less and less rigid and fixed in my viewpoints. This applies to my music -- in which I'm relatively improvisational -- career and to life in general. However, what I'm most stubborn about is being with/working with only the most proactive, creative and positive people I can no matter what the area. When I sense or it becomes obvious that the fit with someone isn't working, I let it go and find others with whom there's a better match; it's important to know when to "cut your losses." Everyone is more productive and a lot happier in the collaborative process and in any relationship when they agree on basics, have similar energy or attitudes or all of the above. Though I can't always be as picky as I'd like, when possible I make choices based on those criteria and trust my gut.

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