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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Thursday, 13 August 2009

Most of us only see the tell tale signs after we have passed them and more often too late. But if we look back the signposts are all there. The Writing's on the Wall...

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The writing's on the wall ... As you chose directions to go over the years, what tell-tale signs did / do you look for to guide you?
Unfortunately, until the past few years I've been better at backing away from situations or issues, much more often reacting rather than looking for signs or planning ahead. Worse, I usually depended on outside encouragement instead of self-motivation to plunge forward. But fortunately there were many of those over the years; some examples:

When I first sat in with a jazz trio at 18, the leader offered to coach and include me in a cabaret show, and then extended the invitation to include singing every night that summer. Being very shy, that made me feel for the first time that I had more potential than I'd thought and that, after all, singing this music I so adored was even possible.

When I landed at college for Freshman Orientation that fall of 1955, I heard about auditions for the Freshman Talent Show, tried out with a jazz trio, made the cut and sang for 1000 Freshmen, faculty and others who were on-campus early. Then I began sitting in with the trio at their small local gigs and it felt like my "career" was launched.

But my new boyfriend strongly objected and I immediately caved. In those days, it was so common for women to give up their plans for men and this gave me the excuse I needed to stop dead in-my-tracks and not go through all the trials and tribulations I was sure would ensue to really to go for it. In addition I had no confidence that I could ever be "good enough." Struggling over the years with that issue, I wonder if it isn't common to nearly every artist, often moving neck-and-neck with their passion.

After returning to college, and singing with a jazz trio on a regional TV talk show with other locals, a music teacher at school expressed excitement about my performance; he was very encouraging and it made me feel again that I was on the right track.

Years later, when my band broke up after a car accident on tour and the next band I was in was abandoned by its founder, I decided it was time to delve more deeply into metaphysics rather than buck the tide that seemed to be going against me.

However, while continuing to study the dynamics of life and workings of mind/body/spirit during my many withdrawals from music, when support and opportunities seemed to converge I'd feel extra motivation and give a more determined push forward. Only then would I notice that it all integrates and I'd reached new creative levels, even in the apparent interim.

In today's jazz market (and historically), things are too unpredictable to make precise plans; I therefore work with the most supportive and compatible people I can, arm myself as much as possible, take the next step and await what unfolds. My manager, who is far more experienced than I, seems to have a better handle on what to do on my behalf (maybe Rajesh should have asked her to write this?). Meanwhile, I try to keep my spirits and health up, make whatever progress possible with what's in front of me, drop as much resistance out of the picture as my spiritual understanding allows me to release and hope for the best. As Jack Canfield (co-author of the "Chicken Soup" work) says, while driving a long distance at night we only need to see the 200 feet in front of us revealed by our headlights, stay on the road and move forward. That's what I "look for" as guidance and other things which provide a jolt of excitement or extra impetus often pop up when I least expect them.

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