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by R27 CREATIVELAB on Monday, 30 November 2009

What would you like the future to hold, more often we hear vague wants, so its nice to hear about very defined goals...

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What does the near future hold for you or more importantly what would you like it to hold ... ?
"Songs Spun of Gold" will also be submitted for MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) nominations again but this time not at the last minute and on our own volition instead of at the suggestion of one of the MAC committee members, as occurred with my CD, “Something Still Cool” (which was nominated in the best jazz-vocal-recording category).

A rising star in jazz (who’s befriended me and my music) and I will have become closer, shared more support and help, and her offer to help me spread the word will have begun to materialize.

My management will have submitted me for jazz festivals, which is a lengthy process but one whose bookings I feel ready for, having recently performed locally on a jazz stage with a top-flight trio in a small festival. That performance surpassed my hopes and expectations despite many good excuses for it to not do so (rain keeping much of the potential audience away, a change of location, starting late waiting for equipment for that location and my loosing a temporary crown on a front tooth hours before going on and wearing chewing gum in its place while performing).

A piece I just wrote responses for in Jazz Spotlight (a NY magazine) will be out, a number of new radio interviews will have been heard, links to both sent out and printouts added to the press pack … and so it goes. With any luck, the economy will have improved enough for a few more booking possibilities to open for an unknown who’s starting to catch some industry interest.

Twitter friends and other supporters will have multiplied and their help will be effective in hooking up more (which is always so appreciated).

I would like to have a home base, such as the restaurant across-the-street where I’ll debut on September 29th (“this or something better, please, Universe”). I would like to perform locally at least on an average of once a week and off-and-on at a few better jazz venues in New York City with which it’s helpful and rewarding for a budding jazz vocalist to be associated.

I’d like for my fledgling local version of Starbucks, “Beans and Bulbs” – see @beansandbulbs on Twitter – owned by a neighbor, to open its second and bigger store in its planned chain, where it will also sell my CDs in addition to online, and for that relationship to expand in ways that are mutually beneficial.

I’d like a tour developed and my following growing internationally, nationally and locally. I’d like to be on radio more, be on TV, and to do live presentations, getting out my messages and music more broadly.

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